Room service

Dear Guest

If you want drinks or to eat undisturbed in the room, we will gladly accept your room service order on telephone 380 or at the reception.

Room service fee DKK 75 per order

Breakfast in the room

If you appreciate having breakfast in bed, or for yourself in the room - just ask the reception.

Here you will be given the form "Breakfast in the room", which must be completed and handed in at reception before 20:00.

The morning plate always includes bread, butter, cheese, cold meats, fruit - in addition several options that you choose on the form.

Room service card

A la carte menu - valid until 19 March. See new menu further down

Hotel Vejlefjord "Shooting Star"
Smoked salmon, prawns, roe, steamed and pan fried flatfish
DKK 218

Marinated beets
covered in blackcurrant vinaigrette, pickled blackcurrant, organic burrata cheese,
bitter salad with roasted salted almonds
DKK 158

Beef Tatar
with salted egg yolk, mustard seeds, lingonberries, french fries and leek mayonnaise
DKK 218

Pumpkin soup
with pickled pumpkin, roasted seeds, deep fried goat cheese and crispy fried stone age bread
DKK 148

Pepper boeuf of beef tenderloin
with salt baked celery, cabbage, onions and Dijon. With French fries and Madagascar pepper sauce
DKK 318

Chili bagel with panko breaded chicken breast
chipotle mayonnaise, pickled red onions, crispy salad and smoked cheddar
DKK 168

Selection of danish cheese
with crisp bread and pickled nuts
DKK 138

Cake of the day
served between 11.30 og 17.00
DKK 92

New menu valid from 20 marts 

Hotel Vejlefjord "Shooting Star"
Brioche bread with smoked salmon, shrimps, roe, steamed and panfried flatfish.
DKK 218

Hotel Vejlefjord Parisian steak (also known as fried beef tartare)
Danish raised beef with brioche bread, beetroot, onions, horseradish, pickles and egg yolk.
Choose between fresh egg yolk or pasteurised egg yolk.
DKK 218

Beef Tatar
Mixed with olive oil and chives. Topped with lingonberries, shredded cheese and ryebread crumble.
Served with fries and mayo with wild garlic.
DKK 218

Fresh salad
Served with nordic Bresaola from local town of Nr. Søby, whipped sour cream, umami vinaigrette and roasted nuts. (Vegetarian option: fried Cauliflower.
DKK 148

Tournedos with pepper sauce
Served with local raised Oyster mushroom from Økoriet with herbs and fries.
DKK 318

Sandwich with seared rooster fillet from Hopballe Mill
– with avocado/cream of cottage cheese, lettuce and pickled red onions.
DKK 168

Selection of danish cheese
with crisp bread and pickled nuts
DKK 138

Cake of the day
served between 11.30 og 17.00
DKK 98

When you are hungry at night

Order an unspecified sandwich for DKK 128


Softdrinks and Juices

Juice from Bryghuset Møn DKK 45
ECO Elderflower, rhubarb or blackcurrants
Cold-pressed apple (not organic)

ECO Lemonaid lemonade DKK 50
Lime, blood orange or passion

Softdrink 25 cl DKK 37 | 50 cl DKK 62

Istidskilden Natural Mineral Water Sparkling
DKK 50


Wine of the house

ECO Chardonnay, Gocce, Italy
By the glass DKK 79 | By the bottle DKK 335

ECO Momento Rosé, Spain
By the glass DKK 79 | By the bottle DKK 335

ECO Missetti, Puglia, Italy 
By the glass DKK 90 | By the bottle DKK 355



Carlsberg Pilsner 25 cl DKK 48 | 50 cl DKK 75

Tuborg Classic  25 cl DKK 48 | 50 cl DKK 75

1664 Blanc  33 cl DKK 69

Grimbergen Belgian Pale 33 cl DKK 69

Grimbergen Double Ambré 33 cl DKK 69


Bottle Beer


Saugman Brew: Dark red ale with the best of both worlds, namely strong hops and a toasted sweetness

Fjorddyp IPA: Old-fashioned British beer for connoisseurs with a penchant for bitterness and great hop aroma

1920: Fresh and seductive lunch beer with a touch of elderflower and floral aroma hops

50 cl bottle DKK 89


1664 Blanc 0,5% 33 cl DKK 50

Brooklyn Special Effects 0,4% 33 cl DKK 50

Don't Worry IPA 0,5% Svaneke Bryghus 33 clDKK 60

Don't Worry Brown Ale 0,5% Svaneke Bryghus 33 cl DKK 60

Fynsk Fri 0,5% 33 cl. kr. 50,-


Coffee & Tea

Black coffee DKK 40,-

Espresso DKK 42,-

Caffé Latte DKK 48,-

Cappuccino DKK 48,-

Hotel Vejlefjord Herbal Tea kr. 40,-



Selective snacks from the kitchen DKK 70


If you have specific requests for drinks, we are happy to help

Order room service

Come down to our reception or call 380 and we will be ready to take your order.

Room service fee is DKK 75 per order.