Sauna and steam rooms

Forest Sauna

A footbridge leads to a wooden platform housing our largest sauna. The Forest Sauna is built on pillars above one of Vejlefjord's many natural areas along with showers and chairs for a refreshing, natural cool off.

The Forest Sauna is where you can experience sauna infusions, with beautiful fragrances as well as exhilarating hot and cold temperatures that loosen up tense muscles and bestows a wonderful sense of well-being in both body and mind.

Sauna Infusions & Fjord Dip

Sauna Infusions in the Forest Sauna, known locally as Saunagus, is an exhilarating blend of hot and cold temperatures and specially selected essential oils that envelop you in beautiful scents and produce a range of different effects.

No matter the time of year, complete the experience with a quick trip down to the bathing bridge and simply jump in the fjord. We call it "Fjord Dip" and it's a great experience, giving a satisfying burst of energy.

Steam Showers

Divided into three sections, you move from hot to hotter to hottest as you progress further into the steam showers. The steam softens your body and muscles.

To enhance the experience you can buy a Body Peeling kit from the Vital Bar and apply it in small circular movements whilst in the steam showers You can also cool your body down with fresh ice crystals or under a cold shower. Body Peeling must be completely rinsed off, under the shower before proceeding.

Aroma Sauna

Next to the steam showers is the Aroma Sauna, a fragrant, dry air that gets warmer the higher up the benches you get.

Typically we recommend that you stay in for around 10 - 15 minutes but stay as long as it feels comfortable and then cool down under cold water. Repeat three times then finish with a quick cool down.

Access to the Thermal Baths & Thalasso Spa includes

  • Fresh fruit, water and coffee / tea ad libitum
  • Use of bathrobe, towels and slippers

You must be at least 14 years old to access the Spa and you need to wear swimwear.

Book at +45 7682 3380 or We recommend that you book as soon as possible due to availability.