Activities and Breaks

Engaging Meetings and Conferences

Fresh air and activities outside the meeting room

Tjek Tegn Ikon100 acres of park, forest and beach

Tjek Tegn Ikon20 km of marked footpaths

Tjek Tegn IkonThe Thermal Baths & Thalassotherapy

Find togetherness, focus and inspiration in nature

The stunning scenery surrounding our beautiful hotel encourages lots of outdoor activities and breaks.

  • Meeting activities in nature - team building & team training, quote hunting, walk-and-talk, brain gymnastics, picnic and bonfire. 
  • Heart Break - A brisk walk to the fjord, including catering. 
  • Reflective Break - A leisurely walk to the top, including catering.

The large park and the footpaths were founded in 1900 and are a great chapter in the history of Vejlefjord. The network of paths are still appreciated today by hotel guests and conference delegates alike who garner energy and inspiration from their surroundings.

Additional Meeting Activities

  • Integrate our award-winning Thermal Baths in your event, try an aromatic sauna experience or a dip in the fjord.
  • Give your delegates an experience that pampers and challenges the taste buds, such as chocolate, wine or beer tasting.

Partners for Meeting Activities

If you want something special such as team building or other activities, in connection with your meeting or conference, we have experienced partners who offer inspirational activities that match your goals.

Our Conference Department is always on hand to guide you or plan your entire event.