The seven baths

Take time to enjoy the beneficial and therapeutic qualities of the seven baths. Pure indulgence for alle your senses

Panorama Bath

The perfect starting point to warm up. The water temperature is around 32°C, just right for your muscles to relax. In the bath there are small caves where you can retreat or simply appreciate the panoramic views of the park. Stay until you're completely relaxed.

Forest Bath

During your stay, be sure to take advantage of a memorable way to experience nature. Luxuriate in the warm water of the outdoor Forest Bath, breathing in the crisp, fresh air whilst being serenaded by birdsong from the surrounding forest.

On a clear evening, a truly unique experience is to lie in the warm water and gaze at the stars or in the winter months, simply lie back and bask in the steam rising from the bath.

It’s no wonder that the Forest bath is a firm favourite for many guests.

Aroma Bath

The Aroma bath is nestled away in a small cave. Scents are added to the water that increase overall well-being.

Champagne Bath

Enjoy the luxurious feeling of being enveloped by small supple bubbles in our new champagne-bath, with an approximate temperature of 33 degrees.

The ”champagne-colored” light in conjunction with the small bubbles hitting the water surface, creates a beautiful play of light on the golden walls, making this bath a unique experience.

Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the Sound Bath and feel how you are impacted by the sounds below the water. The relaxing yet invigorating sounds are composed by musician Niels Eje. Lay your head back all the way with your ears underwater to really enjoy the effects.

Heat and Tranquility

Fire Bath

The red walls reinforce the tropical effect of the warmest pool we have. The water is around 42°C and the formidable heat gives the feeling that the muscles slowly melt while the blood circulation increases and relaxes you. Stay in the bath for as long as it's comfortable.

Alternate between the Fire Bath and the Ice Bath to promote blood circulation and experience the most invigorating yet relaxing sense of well-being. Finish with a dip in the Ice Bath.

Ice Bath

The walls are ice blue and the water is a cool 8°C. Combined with the Fire Bath, the extreme temperature difference powerfully stimulates your body. It kick-starts a healthy circulation and transports more oxygen to the muscles and vital organs. We recommend three quick shifts between Fire and Ice baths, but always pay attention to what feels good for you.

Access to the Thermal Baths & Thalasso Spa includes

  • Fresh fruit, water and coffee / tea ad libitum
  • Use of bathrobe, towels and slippers

You must be 14 years old to access the Spa and you need to wear swimwear.

Book at +45 7682 3380 or We recommend that you book as soon as possible due to availability.