The Thermal Baths

Feel the water’s therapeutic and beneficial properties!

Each bath, every cave, and every room offers is an experience of its own.

Take your time to experience it all … 

Opening Hours

  • The Thermal Baths are open for overnighting guests from 06:30, weekends from 08.30.
  • There will be no permanent manning before 10:00 so the stay is at your own responsibility.
  • Closing times: Monday to Saturday at 22:00 and Sunday at 20:00
  • Children under 14 years do not have access to the Thermal Baths.

What to wear

  • Swimsuit
  • Hotel guests will find towels, bathrobes and slippers in your room.
  • Other guests will get towels, bathrobes and slippers in the Spa-reception.

Nice to know

We recommend that you drink plenty of water during and after visiting The Thermal Baths.

It is important that you shower carefully before entering The Thermal Baths.

Sensory experiences and exceptional wellness

Seven individual baths and sensory showers with either droplets or jets of water, built in granite on the fringe of the beech woods. Large expanses of natural stone are used to create pools, grottoes and paths through the thermal baths. Every pool, every grotto and every room at Vejlefjord Kur & Spa has an outstanding sensory experience to offer.

Attention to detail

Nothing is left to chance in the Thermal Baths. Care has been taken with every detail of the interior – from chaise longues shaped like falling leaves to
specially-designed brass lamps that provide a warm light that is reflected in the granite pools. The water in the thermae is cleansed with ozone, carbon filters and salts.

The Thermae

In Ancient Rome, ’thermae’ were public baths where Romans came to bathe, exercise and relax.

The thermae were all about pampering oneself and meeting socially. The baths were relatively large and had different temperatures. Then as now, bathers were recommended to end bathing with a dip in the cold pool.

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