Tempting Energy Boosts

Satisfying food and drink that ensures delegates keep their energy levels all day long

Great ideas require the right energy for both body and mind. Our inspirational meeting break offerings supercharge your delegates for an effective and productive session.

Energy shot

Seasonal and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables with ginger and lemon juice. Served chilled in the meeting room at just the right time. DKK 45 per person.

Healthy snacks

Fresh vegetable snacks and crispy bread sticks with homemade dip. Served in the conference room. DKK 55 per person.

"Antons Bowl”

A large bowl with a selection of Antons Organic Drinks. The ingredients are grown, harvested and produced by Anton Nielsen in Glud close to Vejlefjord. Antons have both taste and organically grown produce at the top of their priorities and produce a ready to drink juice with 100% pure natural products. It's simply common sense!!

Served chilled in the meeting room and billed per bottle. DKK 39 per bottle.

Wholewheat Rolls or Wraps

For the trip home ... or extra energy during a longer meeting. Choose between healthy wholewheat rolls or a wrap with delicious filling and lots of greens together with vegetable snacks, a dip and ½ litre of spring water.

  • Can be served plated in the conference room
  • Can be packed "To Go" for the trip home

DKK 135 per person